180Km in 3 stages - Ultra Trail® Côte d'Azur Mercantour


Pair or solo race and stages without markers from the start to km86 (Col du Turini).

Day 1: Start on Friday 9th July at 10am – Azurean coast.

Day 2: Departure on Saturday 10th July at 5am from Breil sur Roya.

Day 3: Departure on Sunday 11 July at 9am from Saint Martin Vésubie.

Refreshment Points

No refreshments from the start until km86 (Col du Turini).

Information to come for the rest of the route.

Time Barriers

3 steps in total

Day 1: Departure -> Breil sur Roya in 17 hours maximum.

Day 2 : Breil sur Roya –> Saint Martin Vésubie in 26 hours maximum.

Day 3 : Saint Martin Vésubie –> Saint Martin Vésubie in 8 hours maximum.