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Official Rules



The association law 1901, New Dream Cote d’Azur association organize the UTCAM with the assistance of the Department of the Alpes Maritimes and the communes of Levens | Coaraze | Duranus | Utelle | La Tour-sur-Tinée | Clans | Lantosque | Roquebillière | La Bollène Vésubie | Belvédère | Valdeblore la Colmiane | Saint-Martin-Vésubie.




By taking part in the UTCAM events, this implies the acceptance and without reserve of this regulation. But this also induces the respect of all the instructions which result from it.



The UTCAM® is an event in which are proposed several outdoor events, using the trails of Alpes Maritimes Department. Each event takes place in a single stage, at a free pace, in a limited time.

  • The 130km® : 129 km for 8 750 meters of elevation gain, from Levens, semi-autonomy and 45:00 hours maximum. About 600 runners.
  • The 70km : 73,5 km for 4910 meters of elevation gain, from Levens, semi-autonomy and 21:00 hours maximum. About 600 runners.
  • The 45km  : 44,5km for 3400 meters of elevation gain, from Saint Martin Vésubie, semi-autonomy and 13:00 hours maximum. About 600 runners.
  • The 10km  : 9,6km for 600 meters of elevation gain, from Saint Martin Vésubie, semi-autonomy and 3:30 hours maximum. About 500 runners.
  • The Vertical Kilometer : 4,5 km for 1160 meters of elevation gain, from Saint Martin Vesubie, semi-autonomy and 2 :30 hours maximum. About 300 runners.


  • 130km: minimum 80 points.
  • 70km/ 130km relay at 2: minimum 60 points.

No points required for other formats
The event you will be justified, gives according to its distance and altitude difference a number of points.
(We remind you that beyond the points, experience and good training are highly recommended.
– A 60km trail with 2000m of positive elevation is worth 80 points (60+20).
Please note the following:
You cannot add up the points of several races.

In case of false declaration, the organization reserves the right to cancel the registration without refund. The proof is to be sent by mail to :

  • The races are open to any person, man or woman, born in 2000 or before (catégories hopes to veterans), licensed or not for the 130km / 70km / 45km.
  • The races are open to any person, man or woman, born in 2004 or before (catégories cadets to vétérans), licensed or not for the 10km/VK.

To validate his registration, each runner must :
– Provide a specific medical certificate, with the mention “fit to practice trail running in competition”. It must be given when picking up the race numbers (the organization does not accept medical certificates sent by mail). If you do not give the medical certificate when you pick up your race number, you will not be able to pick up your race number.

– Fill in and give a declaration of honour (available in the runners’ briefing).

– Fill in and give the Covid 19 certificate (available in the runners briefing).

– Runners born in 2002 or later, minors at the date of the event, will have to provide parental authorization.

No race number will be given without the medical certificate / declaration on honour and the Covid19 certificate (available in the runners briefing).


  • Registration possible by internet and secure payment by credit card.
  • Registration possible by post, available for download on the website.

Entry fees :

  • 130 km : 100 euros for the first 100 register then 120€ then 140€ from January 1st ,2020 then 170€ à from May, 3rd
  • 130km relay at 2 : 140€ from January 1st then 160€ from May, 3rd
  • 130km relay at 4 : 160€ from January 1st then 180€ from May, 3rd
  • 70 km —> 45 euros for the first 100 register  then 60€ then 75€ from January 1st ,2020 then 100€ à from May, 3rd
  • 45 km —> 30 euros for the first 50 register then 40€ then 50€ from January 1st ,2020 then 60€ à from May, 3rd
  • 10 km —> 10 euros for the first 50 register then 12€ then 15€ from January 1st ,2020 then 20€ à from September, 1st.
  • KV —> 10 euros for the first 50 register then 15€ then 18€ from January 1st ,2020 then 20€ à from May, 3rd


By paying the registration fees, the runner benefits from all the services described in the rules.

Registration transfer is not possible.



Participating in UTCAM events involves :

– Prepare to be ready to face the length and specificity of the tests ;

– To know how to manage in autonomy, thanks to an experience acquired in mountain all kinds of worries that can be present on this type of test* (difficult climatic conditions, physical and mental problems, knowing how to manage without the help of the organization, being able to adapt to the changing environment)

* the fact of having to participate in preparation events is obligatory to participate in the 130km/70km/130km relay at 2, but we strongly advise you to gain mountain experience and more.

– To respect the environment throughout the race

– To respect the members of the organization, all the volunteers and to sensitize the caregivers to this too.



The race in semi-autonomy is the rule on the tests of the UTCAM. The UTCAM events are held in a single stage, at a free pace, within the time allowed by the time barriers specific to each event. Being semi-autonomous means that runners must be autonomous from one point of supply to another without outside help. This implies having the necessary food but also the proper clothing.

Therefore, the following rules apply :

– For the duration of the race, the rider must be able to present all the mandatory equipment he has presented when withdrawal a race number. The runner carries this in a marked bag when withdrawal a race number.

– The runner must make sure that he has the quantity of drink and food he needs at the start of each refreshment station to reach the next refueling point. For the slower, the longest sections without refueling last more than 6h on the 130km/ 70km, more than 3h on the 45km and more than 2h on the VK.

– On the 130km and 70km®, personal assistance is tolerated exclusively on some points of refueling (*), in the area specifically reserved for this purpose and at the discretion of the head of post. This assistance can only be provided by one person. The rest of the refreshment station is strictly reserved for runners. No assistance is allowed at any point in the course of the other event.

– It is forbidden to be accompanied or to be accompanied during all or part of the race by an unregistered person, outside tolerance zones clearly marked near the refueling stations.

(*) Personal assistance is tolerated on the following items :
130km / 130km relax at 2: Utelle, Roquebiliere , Relais des Merveilles, Le Boreon
70km : Utelle / Roquebilière.

It’s forbidden on the other filling stations as well as at any other point of the course.

45km /10km/ VK : no assistance is permitted at any point on the road.


For reasons to ensure his safety and the smooth running of each event, each participant must have at his disposal the complete list of mandatory equipment detailed on the website of the event.
The kits « heat wave », « cold weather » and « bad weather » are an integral part of the mandatory equipment. Depending on the weather conditions, the organizer can activate a kit and inform each participant before the opening of the withdrawal a race number. Each runners must then present his mandatory equipment, including the kit activated by the organizer, to collect his race number, and agrees to keep it with him for the duration of the event.

It’s important to note that the equipment imposed by the organizer is a vital minimum that each trailer must adapt according to its own abilities. In particular, we should not choose the lightest possible clothes in order to gain a few grams, but prefer clothes that really allow good protection in the mountains against cold, wind and snow, and therefore better safety and better performance.

Mandatory material to be consulted on the website :



Any competitor may be subject to an anti-doping test before, during or at the finish of the event. In case of refusal or abstention, the athlete will be sanctionned in the same way as if he were convinced of doping.


By registering, each runner must be in possession of an individual accident insurance covering the expenses of search and evacuation in France.Several organizations offer this at the choice of the competitor, and in particular with the French Athletics Fédération via the subscription of a Pass’Running – Pass J’aime Courir or a license.

For runners who are members of the ITRA (International Trail Running Association) it’s possible to subscribe a Repatriation Assistance insurance which covers the costs of search and rescue all over the world. For more information, visit

NB : The helicopter evacuations are paying. The choice of evacuation depends exclusively on the organization.

The choice of means of evacuation and the place of hospitalization is the only decision of the organization.

Expenses resulting from the use of exceptional rescue or evacuation facilities will be borne by the rescued person who will also be responsible for ensuring his/her return from the place where it has been evacuated. It’s the unique responsibility of the runner to constitute and submit a file to his personal insurance within the time limit.



By registering for one of the UTCAM events, participants undertake to respect the environment and the natural areas crossed. In particular :

– Formal prohibition of throwing waste on the course. Garbage cans are available at each filling station and must be used. Random checks will be made on the courses.

– Obligation to follow the paths as they are marked, without cutting. Indeed, cutting a path causes a degradation of the crossed site.

  • No cups will be distributed on life bases and refueling. This is to reduce the plastic consumption of runners, as well as volunteers of the UTCAM. You are therefore invited to take your own cups if you want to drink on the refreshments.




– For the sake of fair recognition of top athletes, we reserve places for elites based on their overall ITRA performance index. From then on, any runner with an ITRA runner higher than 800 for men and 700 for women will have his registration offered for the race of his choice.

All registration requests must be sent to us by email at before august 30, 2020.

Runners corresponding to the criteria may benefit from the above registration conditions provided they have completed the qualification distance imposed in 2019 and/ or 2020.

– During the starts, the elite athletes will be invited to take the lead

In return, the elite runners commit to :

  • Presence at press conferences and official ceremonies to which they are invited ;
  • Presence at price discounts if they are concerned ;



Any competitor expressly waives the right to the image during the event, as he waives all recourse against the organizer and his authorized partners for the use made of his image. Only the organization can transmit this right to the image to any media, via an accreditation or an adapted license. Ultra Trail Cote d’Azur Mercantour ® is a legally registered trademark. Any communication about the event or use of images of the event must be done in respect of the name of the event, the registered trademark and with the official agreement of the organization.


According to the data protection act of 6 august 1978 (french law), and in accordance with the new general data protection regulation (RGPD UE 2016/679), any competitor has the right to access and rectify data on about.

The information is collected as part of a registration for one of the UTCAM races, for the needs of the organization, and in particular to individually identify each competitor to communicate before, during or after the competition. Event any information related to his participation.

The complete data of the runner is kept for a period of 10 years, renewable at each registration, corresponding to the legal period of retention of the medical certificate of non-contraindication to the practice of athletics or running in France, competition or sports license. Beyond these 10 years, and unless explicity authorized by the runner, all data is deleted except name, first name, date of birth, gender and nationality to maintain the rankings.

Any runner may have access to his personal data upon request to the organization.

Any request for modification of data can be made :

– By post to this address :
Association NDCA – 6314 chemin du Faisse – 06440 Peille

– By email at this address :

Any request for access or modification of personal data will be processed as soon as possible after receipt of the request, within a maximum of 1 month.



According to the computer law and freedom of august 6,1978, you have the right to access and rectify all information about you. This information is only used inside the organization and concerns technical data such as your e-mail. The organization does not use your data for any other purpose. In accordance with the law, each runner has a right of access and rectification concerning him. To do this, please send us an email mentioning your name, surname and race number.



Each race number is given individually to each runner on presentation :

– Photo ID,

– From your racing bag and all the mandatory equipment.

The race number must be worn on the chest or belly and must be visible permanently and in full during the race. The race number is the pass required to access the shuttles, buses, filling stations, infirmaries, rest rooms, showers, storage areas or bag recovery… Except in case of refusal to obey a decision made by a race official, the race number is never removed but in case of abandonment it’s disabled.



130km : each competitor receives with his race number 2 bags of 30 liters. After having filled dit with the clothes of his choice and having closed it, he can deposit it until Friday September 3rd at 21h30 near the start in Levens.. This bag is sent by the organization to Roqeubilière (middle of the race) and Saint Martin Vesubie (finish), each runner must take his bag.

70km : each competitor receives with his race number 1 bag of 30 liters. After having filled dit with the clothes of his choice and having closed it, he can deposit it until Friday September 3rd at 21h30 near the start in Levens.. This bag is sent by the organization to Saint Martin Vesubie (finish), each runner must take his bag.

Recovery of bags to Saint Martin Vesubie: The bags are given either to the competitor or to relatives, exclusively on presentation of the race number. Bags must be picked up no later than 2 hours after the race closes. Beyond this, the runner must come and pick up his bag himself, at his own expense, at the organization’s office in Nice.

The organization ensures the repatriation to Nice of the bags of runners who have abandoned, on the condition that their abandonment has been registered. The repatriation period is a function of logistical constraints and the organization can not guarantee a complete repatriation of the bags before the end of the race.

Only bags provided by the organization will be forwarded. Sticks are not transportable in these bags. The contents of the bags are not verified, no dispute about the content on arrival is admissible. It is recommended not to place valuables.


The organization ensures the presence of solid and liquid refueling throughout the course. Refueling stations are supplied with drinks and food for consumption on site. The organization provides still water or energy drink for the filling of water bags and mandatory individual cups. The runner must make sure that he has the quantity of drink and food he needs at the start of each refreshment station to reach the next refueling point.

For more detailed information on the composition of the refuelings, consult the page provided for this purpose.

Only runners wearing a visible race number and duly controlled have access to the refueling stations.
The race guide and the dedicated pages of the website will identify the precise list of supply points and their composition.


A check is made on arrival at any filling station and some emergency stations. Unexpected checkpoints are set up in places other than the emergency and refueling stations. Their location is not communicated by the organization.


For a better night vision, the beacons are equipped with a yellow reflective material hanging light from your front.
WARNING : if you don’t see anymore, turn back !
Out of respect for the environment, no paint will be used on the trails.


The maximum time of the event, for the entire course, is set at :

  • 130km : 45:00 hours
  • 70km : 21:00 hours
  • 45km : 13:00 hours
  • 10km : 3:30 hours
  • KV : 2:30 hours

The departure time limits (time barriers) of the main checkpoints will be defined and communicated in the Runner’s Guide and on the website. In case of change, the new time barriers are also communicated by email.

These time barriers are calculated to allow participants to join the finish in the maximum time imposed, while making possible stops (rest, meal..). To be allowed to continue the event, competitors must leave the checkpoint before the deadline (regardless of time of arrival at the checkpoint).

Any competitor put out of the race and wanting to continue his course will be able to carry it out only after having restored his race number, under its own responsibility and in complete autonomy.


Rescue stations are located at various points along the route. These stations are in radio or telephone connection with the rescue PC of the race. A medical team of regulation is present during the whole duration of the tests at the PC Rescue of Saint Martin Vesubie.

Rescue stations are intended to assist any person in danger with the means specific to the organization or public means.

It’s up to a runner in trouble or seriously injured to call for help :

– By showing up at a first aid station

– By calling the race PC

– By asking another runner to notify the rescue

Each runner must provide assistance to anyone in danger and call for help.

If it’s impossible to join the race PC and only in case of absolute emergency, you can call the rescue organizations directly (especially if you are in an area where only emergency calls are possible).

– 112 for France

Remember that hazards of all kinds, related to the environment and the race, can make you wait for help longer than expected. Your safety will depend on the quality of what you put in your bag.

All medical, paramedical, first aid and official guide personnal, as well as any person designated by the race director are authorized :

– to disqualify any competitor deemed unfit to continue the event

– to oblige any competitor to use any element of the compulsory equipment

– to evacuate by any means the runner they deem in danger.

– to refer patients to the most appropriate care structure

A runner using a doctor or a first aid responds to his authority and agrees to accept his decisions.
As soon as a runner’s state of health is justified by a treatment with an intravenous drip, he will necessarily be out of the race.

An infirmary will be available at Saint Martin Vesubie for the duration of the tests. Runners with a severe medical problem can apply. Comfort care is subject to the appreciation of medical staff within the limits of their availability.

Each runner must stay on the marked path, even to sleep.

Any runner who voluntarily leaves the marked path is no longer under the responsibility of the organization.


On arrival, you will receive your finisher gift.
A post-race mea lis served in the after-finish space of Saint Martin Vesubie..


It’s possible to take a hot shower, on arrival only. Access to showers on arrival is strictly limited to runners. The race number is the pass required to access the showers. On the course, the showers, when there are some, are accessible only on medical advice. Access to the rest room and showers on arrival is strictly limited to barefoot runners.


A rest room is available in Saint Martin for the 130km runners only.
This room is strictly reserved for runners who have just finished their race. This is by no means an overnight accomodation solution. Runners who have completed their race and wish to extend their stay must have their own accomodation. 130km (only) : In Roquebilière and Boréon, each competitor can enjoy a resting point (local with camp beds and blankets).


For each race, a general classification for men and women and a ranking for each category male and female are established (see details of the categories on the website).1130km : the first 5 men and the first 5 women of the general classification, as well as the 3 first of each category receive a trophy and a lot.
130km in relay / 70km / 45km / 10km/KV : the first 3 men and the first 3 women in the general classification, as well as the first in each category receive a trophy and a prize.


Result for all competitors and finisher diploma on



Unless injured, a runner must not abandon anywhere other than at a checkpoint. He must then inform the person in charge of the post, or report his abandonment to the Race PC.

In case of a decision of abandonment between 2 control points, the runner must join the nearest control point where he will signal his abandonment.

The runner keeps his race number as it is his pass to access shuttles, buses, meals, treatment rooms..

Repatriation works as follows :

– Buses are available from some refreshment stations indicated by a refreshment stations indicated by a pictogram « bus » on the course maps to repatriate to Saint Martin Vesubie runners who have abandoned.

– Runners who leave on another emergency or refueling station but whose state of health does not need to be evacuated must return as soon as possible and by their own means to the nearest repatriation point.

– Regarding refueling or rescue stations accessible by car or 4×4 :

– When the post is closed, the organization may, to the extent of the available means, repatriate the runners who have abandoned and still present on the post

– In the event of adverse weather conditions justifying the partial or total stopping of the race, the organization ensures the repatriation of the runners stopped as soon as possible


Race marshals present on the course, and the commanders of the various points of control and refueling are entitled to enforce the rules and immediately apply a penalty for non-compliance, to consult on


Any complaint must be made by email, within 10 days after the end of the event.




If the circumstances so require, the organization reserves the right to modify at any time the routes, the starting times, the time barriers, the position of the supplies and the aid stations, and any other aspect related to the smooth running of trials.

In case of major force, adverse weather conditions or any other circumstance endangering the safety of competitors, the organization reserves the right to :

– postpone the departure for a few hours at most

– change hourly barriers

– cancel the event

– neutralize the event

– stop the current event

In case of cancellation of an event, for any reason, decided more than 15 days before the date of departure, a partial refund of registration fees will be made. The amount of this reimbursement will be set in such a way as to enable the organization to meet all the sunk costs incurred on the date of cancellation. In case of cancellation decided less than 15 days before the departure or in case of interruption of the race, for any reason that it’s, no refund of registration will be made.



A guide can be downloaded from the website from may. It includes course maps and practical information such as transit times, places of refueling, first aid posts, health posts, and access points for accompanying persons.



Public Liability
The organizer takes out liability insurance for the duration of the event. This liability insurance guarantees the financial consequences of its liability, that of its employees and participants.









Any cancellation of registration must be made by email or by post. No cancellation is recorded by telephone.


No refund is possible without the subscription to the registration cancellation guarantee.

Registration is nominative. It’s not allowed to transfer his registration to another race or to another person for any reason.


Anyone can at the time of registration subscribe to the cancellation guarantee, for an additional cost of 20€ per person, to add to the registration fees on the same payment.

The purpose of the guarantee is to allow full reimbursement of the expenses incurred for registration in the event that a rider asks to cancel his registration until one week before the event.



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